PRP Treatment

What is PRP plasma treatment?

PRP plasma helps restore volume loss from the skin and tighten sagging skin. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, sometimes known by the English name: Platelet Rich Plasma.

PRP plasma contains growth factors that stimulate the body to recover obsolete or damaged tissues using natural repair processes of the body. With this technique we can rejuvenate your skin by applying this plasma with growth factors directly into the skin where wrinkles, folds or even acne scars. When this treatment is applied it is also called Vampire Facelift on the face. PRP can also be used in hair treatments.

PRP Plasma can be used for:

  • fine lines and wrinkle
  • thin and transparent skin
  • volume and fat loss
  • sagging skin
  • enlarged pores
  • dry and dull skin that can sometimes itch
  • hyperpigmentation (sun and age spots)
  • redness
  • uneven skin texture
  • fine and thinning hair

ISRP plasma treatment safe and effective?

This treatment is safe and effective and has been used for many years in dental and orthopedic surgery. It has recently found its way to the aesthetic medicine. We see in our clinique great rejuvenation results using PRP Plasma in combination with mesotherapy (Dermicapen) or in combination with Lipofilling.

What you see after treatment with PRP Plasma?

Your skin color is from a “younger” color as a result of the formation of new blood vessels. New collagen formation in the lower layers of skin (dermis) lift your face as it were, back to your youthful shape. Since the growth factors work on the new structure of the dermis, the epidermis will see (the outermost layers of your skin) is tighter and more radiant.

The result of PRP Plasma

The skin improvement is visible after one treatment
Three treatments are required for an optimal result

The result is not directly visible, the production of collagen takes time. After treatment, the growth factors go to work and they do their job. This effect lasts for four to six weeks, after the second treatment. We recommend to undergo approximately three treatments with an interval of 6 weeks for optimal results. Then the effect is visible for about a year. Then, when you come back once a year, keep in position the effect. Naturally, it is permanent in the future outcome also depends on other factors, such as your lifestyle (smoking, stress, etc.).

Little risk of side effects

The treatment gives little chance of side effects. After the treatment some swelling, redness or a bruise incurred. This, however, quickly pulling away again.

Structure of the PRP plasma treatment

  • Skin analyse with treatment
  • Huidanalyse With treatment
  • -super deluxe facial treatment
  • Preparation Treatment; physician or a licensed skin therapist / doctor’s assistant takes a small amount of blood on you.
  • After The blood is centrifuged in the laboratory (10 minutes) to PRP-plasma
  • Produce Of Part 1 PRP plasma in the treatment area
  • Bring in In the skin of the PRP-plasma with (mesotherapy)
  • Produce Part 2 PRP plasma with a vitamin booster
  • Bring in Into the skin of the PRP plasma on the problem areas (Mesotherapy)
  • Apply A cooling and soothing mask

The therapy is not suitable for patients:

  • With an active infection in the scalp
  • With a viral infection, such as shingles
  • With diabetes.
  • With a clotting disorder.
  • Taking blood-thinning medications
  • Using medication antinflammatoire
  • Which do not have more hair follicles
  • Prices PRP plasma – Vampire Facelift
  • Please note: Our prices include how many mL is needed to obtain 3 zones- Face, neck, décolleté and facial

One treatment €399,-

Course of 3 treatments € 799

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